To create a Wish List is both exciting and upsetting; I will try to explain.

We have accomplished so much over the years and are so blessed by the continuing support of this community. Our intentions are pure and the goal is to improve this community for both the wildlife and the people,                                                                       by wishing for more does it seems greedy?

Some items are on an as needed basis yet others we can use a constant supply. Please contact us with any questions you may have or let us know your intentions so we may prepare accordingly.

Thanks to the students at Sandpoint Christian—we have filled much of our list!

Pledges to Host the financial costs of maintaining the Website (& domain), the Internet service (currently dial-up), the Local Pages phone book yellow pages ad, monthly phone bill & power usage, radio and/or newspaper ads, lease payment,

Office Supplies:   HP ink cartridges #950, #951 cyan, #951 magenta, #951 jaune

Cleaning Supplies:  

Medical supplies:

Animal supplies & food: daylight & night light heat lamps (various sizes),  metal tins (like the kind you see popcorn in at the holidays) to store dry food. Fresh fruits, vegetables, meat - DEPENDING on the animals in care .

Volunteers Please call us and sign up. We will match your abilities and interests to the duties and chores we need help with. Forms available on our webpage @ www.ahwf.org  We will honor our ‘Give One Get One’ promise to you!


Just to keep you posted:

· We lease one acre BUT have the option of purchasing it and a second acre which has a residence (which will easily convert into a Nature Center Classroom). The total purchase price is $80,000. If AHWF can raise $60,000 we have a supporter that will contribute the remaining $20,000 towards the purchase! Details are found on our Razoo page.

· We will begin construction on our second aviary in 2014. Additional supplies and labor is needed. Ask us how you can help!

· We are pursuing a large species wildlife rehabilitation permit. This means we need to construct large enclosures to care for the bear and cougar and other animals in need. This will require significant resources of material and labor.


· We operate on a 100% volunteer basis at this time.


Thank You for your support in whatever form it may!