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Intern Waiver and Release                                                                                 

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     I agree that all the activities and events which benefit American Heritage Wildlife Foundation shall be concluded in the safest manner possible. The utmost care shall be given to ensure that the opportunity provided for the intern is safe and enjoyable. I understand that as a paid intern I will be required to conduct tasks and duties without direct supervision. Direct liability will not be that of this nonprofit organization.   


    I understand that I am free to refuse to complete a task if the perception of risk is too great. I understand that there is no paid medical staff, nor are any of the members legally able to practice first aid measures if injury were to be sustained. I am responsible for payment of my own medical expenses. I accept that I am a member of the team of American Heritage Wildlife Foundation volunteers in regard to wildlife care and community education.


    I agree that any personal medical condition shall be monitored and maintained by myself alone. The required supplies shall be kept on my person or nearby at all times of service. Allergies will be reported and must be made clearly understood. Emergency contact information shall be provided.


    I understand that my internship has a community need base. American Heritage Wildlife Foundation provides the need of wildlife rehabilitation and community education. I agree to maintain a helpful spirit, or am willing to be removed from service. I understand my actions have direct consequences towards this nonprofit. Negligence, independent or unauthorized actions, intentional misconduct or strict liability taken on my part will result in dismissal from service and termination of my intern contract.    


    My safety, during the projects and events for which I am scheduled, is my own responsibility. I shall not hold American Heritage Wildlife Foundation liable for any potential personal injuries sustained. I will not attempt actions that are contrary to organizational procedures. I will not hold this nonprofit liable if I act outside the scope of my intern duties. 


    My personal vehicle shall occasionally be required to retrieve wild animals located at North Idaho Animal Hospital in Sandpoint. I shall take responsibility for my actions while driving to and from this veterinary hospital. The animals will be transported in crates, boxes or such a manner thereby will not interfere with safe travel and driving. I understand that accepting fuel reimbursement will not constitute indirect responsibility or fault by AHWF if motor vehicle laws are violated or an accident occurs. I accept I am responsible for my own actions while operating my own vehicle.          


   I release all claims or causes of action of any kind whatsoever for damages and/or injuries during my internship activities. I agree to hold harmless American Heritage Wildlife Foundation, its leaseholder, its members, and other volunteers from liability for any damages or injures resulting from any negligence or willful wrongdoing on my part during my participation in the scheduled opportunities.


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